Preparing for the holidays

It's only August, right? Why are we beginning to think about the holidays? Well, let me tell you... Absolutely everything in our shop is handmade or made by scratch from us. And during the holidays we are super busy with constant runs of packaging and going to the post office (and our day jobs!) that … Continue reading Preparing for the holidays


Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Is your Mom magic in the kitchen?  How about these handmade kitchen items:  Our hand turned Mahogany Pepper Grinder has a throwback antique look, but is a workhorse in the kitchen!   Couple our laser engraved spoons with a your own handmade cake or dinner and you will win Mother's day. Does mom love her furry … Continue reading Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Turning A Bottle Stopper

In the ever expanding quest to turn square things round I recently decided to try something new. I drink wine, and sometimes don't drink the whole bottle.Whatever are you to do? Why, turn a bottle stopper, of course! Materials needed: 1.5x1.5x3 inch block of wood. Can go bigger, but much will be trimmed down for … Continue reading Turning A Bottle Stopper