Tools for Turning

Jason here.

I don’t talk about tools a lot because I’m not really a tool snob. I bought some of my most useful tools from Harbor Freight. My lathe I got there is a total workhorse and has served me fine for years.

I absolutely love the carbide cutters from Easy Wood Tools. Way easier to cut things (like butter) than it is to have to constantly sharpen your chisels. I realize that makes me sound like I’m not a purist; which is because I’m not. The tools don’t matter as much as the finished product.

Another site I’ve used that has good information on drills is “BCDP” – or the Best Cordless Drill Pro site. They have tons of great information and reviews on a bunch of different drills.

Sure, I’d love to go out there and buy the $3,000 lathe, but if the $200 one serves you just as good, who cares??

Links to everything below:


Harbor Freight –

Easy Wood Tools –


Turning a pen blank on my harbor freight lathe, with my easy wood carbide tools!

These tool have worked out great for me and have made these great items like these beauties, we sell in our Etsy shop!ย 




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