Preparing for the holidays

It’s only August, right? Why are we beginning to think about the holidays?

Well, let me tell you… Absolutely everything in our shop is handmade or made by scratch from us. And during the holidays we are super busy with constant runs of packaging and going to the post office (and our day jobs!) that if we had to make everything as the order came in we’d just be swamped and under water and you would not remotely get your handmade order in time for the holiday!

Of course that doesn’t apply to customized or personalized orders, but we do our best to prep those as much as possible before the big rush starts. That means we’ll cut, sand, rout, and stain our woods as much as possible.

It also means that I usually have a big list of pens and pencils, letter openers, and snow men that all I need to be made roughly 5-6 months ahead of time. Most of the turned items take at least 45 minutes to make, so you can just add up how much time we’re spending on things to make the process as easy as possible for you, our customers.

As always, we love to get feedback and if there are any new products you’d love to see us making drop us a line so we can start working on them!




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