I’m a woodturner from Colorado who likes to spend my spare time working in my shop. If you’re not aware, the term “woodturning” refers to making square stuff round on a lathe and making really cool stuff out of it.

I like making pens, peppermills, little snowmen for Christmas, little Christmas trees, mini kaleidoscopes (or eggoscopes!) and just all kinds of random things like that. I also occasionally make bowls and bottlestoppers and whatever I can get my hands on.

All the things I make can be found in my Etsy store at: http://etsy.me/2dByiVP

I also like to take wood from the trees around the area in Colorado and make cool stuff out of that, too! My wife helps out quite a bit around the shop as well, running the engraver and anywhere you see paint, that’s her, too!