Care Instructions

For pens & pencils: Hand turned pens may lose some of their luster after several years. If they do, simply take a small bit of carnauba wax and a polishing cloth to apply several coats.

For cutting board care, to clean: Wipe with wet sponge & mild dish soap. DO NOT put in dishwasher. DO NOT submerge in water. For best results, wipe with butcher block oil monthly (more often if used regularly)

Chalkboard wine charms: simply wipe with cloth to erase (if using a chalk marker use a wet cloth for best results). Do not submerge in water.

Ink Refills

Different pen types take various kinds of refills:
* Slimline takes standard cross ballpoint refills
* Mesa Pens takes parker style ballpoint refills
* Fountains take ink cartridges (pre-filled or refillable)

You can find more information (including how-to videos) on our web site here.

Pencil Refills

Uses 0.7mm lead.

Click here for more information, including step-by-step info or how to videos:

Add on shipping

We can combine shipping if you are shipping to one address. If shipping to multiple shipping addresses, we will charge multiple shipping charges.

Custom and personalized orders

We gladly accept custom orders for certain items. If it’s not on the listing, contact us and we can let you know if it’s something we can customize.

Custom or personalized orders are not returnable or exchangeable, no exceptions.

Missing or Lost Items in Mail

We do our best to get out your handcrafted item in a timely fashion and I will drop it off at the post office myself! However, once it is out of my hands, I can not control the speed or accuracy of the post office (or UPS or FedEx). Any estimate of delivery is just that, an estimate. We consider an item lost after 4 weeks past the original delivery date (that is when USPS will investigate).

Damage sustained during shipping

It doesn’t happen often, but we know damage can happen during shipping. If you receive a package from us that is damaged and as a result your item is damaged please reach out to use as soon as it is received with anย email and a picture of the damage (box, item, etc…). That will help us not only get you a replacement (if possible), a refund (if a replacement is not possible), but work with the shipping companies on any insurance claim (if applicable).

Missing or Stolen Packages

Once a package is out of our hands we have no control over the delivery service and are unable to replace packages that show delivery to the correct order address.

Additional steps the buyer should check with:
1. neighbors to see if the package was left with them either on purpose or by accident.
2. family members โ€“ it is not unheard of that someone else in the household will pick up the package and put it somewhere out of plain sight
3. the back door, side door, etc.
4. with manager’s office (apartment)
5. check if the package is being held at the post office
6. ask the delivery postal worker where he/she left the package.
7. take the receipt and tracking number to the post office – USPS can use their GPS to track where it was delivered